Important I.C.E. News


It's great anytime our students have the opportunity to present their work to outside panelists.

We are writing to invite you to participate in evaluating student work at ICE. 

If you are interested in seeing first-hand the work that our students create for their high school graduation requirements and you have time in your schedule contact us.

11th Grade History Panels:
On Tuesday, May 26th from 3:15pm - 5:30pm, our 11th Grade students will be presenting their historical thesis research papers to a group of panelists. Interested evaluators should contact Justin at
10th Grade Spanish Panels
The Spanish Dept. needs Spanish speaking evaluators for the 10th Grade Spanish panels. The panels will be held on May 27th from 5:00 – 7:00pm.  If you are interested in participating please email Marlyn at
All panels will take place at ICE, 345 E. 15th Street, 5th Floor



I write to you with sincere apologies regarding the ICE Summer Camp.  Unfortunately, our Mayor cut our funding for Summer programming.  Attached is a letter explaining, as well as ways that YOU can help advocate to restore our funding.  Please take action today!
Additionally, we are hoping that there is an ICE Middle School PARENT that is willing to be a parent advocate for our cause?  We may be called on at the last minute to speak to the press and it would be amazing to have a list of parents at the ready!  On May 28th at 12 noon, we, (University Settlement) will be on the steps of City Hall for a press conference - everyone that can, please come join us!  We are trying very hard to restore this summer funding, and the more people behind us the better!!
Alexzandria Tekelch, MSW
University Settlement
After School Site Coordinator @ ICE
345 East 15th Street
(929) 246-0498


Hello ICE Community


As you all may know by now, the ICE Youth Media group has been working with students and teachers in Nepal in creating a variety of creative ways to find and express their voices.  

Unfortunately, due to the devastating earthquake in Nepal the school we worked with, these same students and their families are now without homes and a school. We will be conducting a major fundraiser to help the Tri-Ratna Co-operative School as well as the village of Bungamati -- the people and place we have become so close to.

There is now a link, on our website, “Nepal Donations,” that will provide those within our ICE community, as well as those outside the community an opportunity help the school, the students and their families with basic essentials of food and water, and tents, and help rebuild their community and school. 

Some initial funds were collected recently and that money already has gone to help the NGO we are working with help our friends. We recently received this message: “Yesterday we went to a rural village to create a health camp and distribute relief materials. There were 200 plus people who got treatment and relief supplies. Thank you for your support with the health camp. We are planning set up two more health camps this week.”

Please check out the. “Nepal Donations” website AND mark your calendar to attend the major fundraiser that will happen at ICE, Thursday, May 21st, at 6 p.m.





Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are so excited to share the great news! We recently received funding to offer your child an AWESOME opportunity this Summer to be apart of our SONYC at ICE Summer camp program. It is extremely important to ICE to offer a program that will keep our kids engaged in enriching activities while school is out of session. It is my pleasure to present to you this wonderful news for our school to implement this free program, at no cost to your family.

Our Summer camp will be brought to you by University Settlement, the same organization that has brought SONYC after school to ICE which is funded by New York City’s Department of Youth and Community Development. Our exclusive Summer Camp will run for one month from July 6th-July 31st from 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to your child daily. Our camp will offer sports, arts and crafts, time dedicated specifically for your child to complete their assigned Summer reading, and other enrichment activities, as well as free trips every Friday to fun and instructive places around the city.

Please be advised that there are limited slots; therefore I am asking that you respond with interest as soon as possible in order to hold a spot if this is an option for your child.  Please contact Ali Tekelch at if you are interested in having your child sign up for ICE Summer Camp, or with any questions that you may have. 

Please remember that spaces are limited. I hope to hear from you soon!

Warm Regards,


Alexzandria Tekelch, MSW

University Settlement

After School Site Coordinator @ ICE

345 East 15th Street

(929) 246-0498


Students received Cycle 2 Narrative Reports in Advisory on Thursday, February 26.  Reports will also be mailed to families early next week.

Based on cycle 2 grades, some students are required to attend after school tutoring and homework help on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If they have not already, advisors will email parents of students who are required to attend.  Below are the classrooms and teachers that are available on both days (keep in mind that even students who are not required to come can work with their teachers in any classroom!):





6G & 7G HW Room: 507

Bryan / Paul C

Natalie / Josh / Daniel

8G HW Room: 508

Patty /  Katie D

Juna-Willa / Kristen

9G HW Room: 511

Rachel / Mike

Danielle / Bryan  / Mark

10G HW Room: 509

Annie / Juliana

Katie H / Marlyn

11G HW  Room: 521

Dave, Zara and Jeff

Justin, Keri and JD 


Dear ICE Families:


I hope you are all well, and getting ready to turn the corner slowly towards springtime. It seems far of, but the birds will be chirping before too long.

Several months ago I was approached by two groups of students about providing sex education at ICE, and each group presented me with thoughtful proposals. Since then a small group of interested students and teachers have met to discuss the idea of a comprehensive approach to health education that can be implemented on all grade levels and provide a platform for inquiry into and discussion of personal and community well-being. 

I have reached out to seek your expertise about these matters and to solicit your time and information. We would love to hear from people who work in health related fields (specifically medicine, mental health, public health, health education) and ask you to join us in developing an approach to health education that meets our approach to instruction, personal growth, and community development. There will be opportunities to meet with students, propose approaches to the content, design curriculum or special projects, and so forth.

Please respond to me with information about what you think you can offer to the process (your time, expertise; contacts and referrals, etc). Eventually we hope to meet and talk with you face to face when the time is right.

This promises to be a challenging and invigorating project for any who want to take part. I hope you will join us in planning for what I hope will be an important part of ICE's future.


Peter Karp



Dear ICE families,


Happy New Year and a belated Happy Holidays in general to all of you. My life got very busy as the break approached, and I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of the Karp Family: Naomi Alexandra Karp. She was finally born on Christmas Eve, making the holiday season a truly magical one for me and my family. I hope that you all enjoyed some rest and quality time with people that you care about.


On behalf of the staff here I also want to thank you all for the generous, thoughtful gifts and notes that you sent our way. Everybody here truly appreciates being thought of - and the efforts you made collectively were noticed. I for one am grateful for all of the kind words and messages of support for me and Cathy as we embark on our new journey. 


As for our ICE: In today's current climate of education reform it is more important than ever for us to note how the approach to instruction that we practice yields results that make us proud, and deepen our commitment on a daily basis. We have always used the Inquiry approach to instruction, a Project driven method of assessment and through those projects we develop ways to engage your children in developing the skills that are authentic to the disciplines in which they work. In striving to connect your children to "real world" problem solving we sustain an internship program for our 12th grade students that brings the kids in contact with the issues and processes that trained, professional adults grapple with. 


This past week I received a copy of the first professional scientific paper in the history of ICE that was co-authored by one of our students. The result of a collaboration between ICE and CUNY graduate students, this student completed his internship in a Neuroscience lab at Hunter College where he was a research assistant. He completed laboratory procedures, collected and analyzed data for this Ph.D. candidate, and wrote and edited several sections of the paper. If there is a more authentic way to learn science, I have yet to learn about it. We are immensely proud, and I want you to know that your children are in an environment where their hard work and determination can yield amazing results.


We continue to get acceptance letters for our students from competitive public and private universities this year, including Barnard College, Brandeis University, University of Vermont, SUNY Binghamton, Bard College, The New School and a host of other great places. We share the joy as kids make decisions about their futures, and we know that through the program we continue to redesign that each child has a chance to do something great with their future.


My best to all of you in the New Year. I hope to see you all soon, and I thank you for every way that you support your children and the whole ICE community.


Please take a look at the enclosed scientific paper, and little Naomi!


Peter Karp



Dear ICE families,

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I'm reminded of how vital family support structures are to the well being of our children. You all struggle every day to be present for your children, to provide them with material needs and to give them a secure base from which to explore the world. I have so much admiration and respect for the work it takes to raise a child, and as you know I'm nervous with the excitement that comes with expecting my own.

At this special time in our calendar I want to wish all of you the strength of body and mind to get through the holiday with a feeling of connection and belonging to your own family and to other communities. I hope you will find the time to enjoy your families as you prepare food, travel during busy hours, and find ways to make room for everyone at the table. I'm thankful to have the ICE community in my life, and to play a special role in it's health. I am thankful for your smiling, thoughtful children, the dedicated teachers and staff who work to make each day meaningful for us, and I am always thankful to have parents like you who give what you can to make ICE great.

Happy thanksgiving to all of you - enjoy this special time the best way you are able. If you are experiencing challenges at this time, I wish you some peace and rest so that you can come back to meet them with greater strength. 

My warmest regards,



Dear ICE Families,

A 2-part message:

I wanted to take the time while many of you are meeting with teachers and fellow parents to emphasize how helpful it is for us to know about your child’s struggles, whether new and related to ICE or issues that arise outside of the daily experience of school. ICE is a community built on the strength of the relationships we have with each other, and the communication we have about how to make your child’s experience as successful as possible. I am available to you to discuss what happens at school, and at home. I welcome your concerns about your child’s social and emotional development, and I will always respond to your questions. I invite you all to come and meet with me, and anyone on the staff that you feel plays an important role in your child’s education. Together, we strive to meet our students’ short and long-term needs. However, as I say to students and teachers alike, I am unable to solve problems If I am not aware of them. So, please take time to reach out to me, Mark, Danya or any of the dedicated teachers here who are always glad to learn more about their students. We welcome any and all information, and we invite you to be even more a part of the collaborative process of educating all of the children here at ICE.


Part 2:

IT is with GREAT pleasure that I tell you all that my wife Cathy and I are expecting our first child! Cathy’s due date is December 15th, so if all goes well we will be parents before the New Year arrives. I’m letting you know that I plan to be out of the building for the first 2-3 weeks of January. While I am on paternity leave, Mark Mazzone will take care of ICE, leading it with the skill and experience I know he has.  I will be available to work with Mark as needed, but I know that ICE will be stable and all will operate smoothly in his hands. I am so excited to meet my daughter – and I look forward to joining you all in parenthood!

All the best,



Check the Jupiter Grades and Course Work tab for instructions on Jupiter Grades.  If you have not yet received an email from your advisor from Jupiter Grades, please email the advisor and let him or her know to add your correct email to our Jupiter Grades database.  Updated staff email addresses are available by clicking on the ICE Staff Contact Info tab.


Dear ICE Families,
As we move past the halfway mark of summer I'm reaching out to say hello, to wish you a restful two weeks before labor day, and fill you in on some important new programs starting here at ICE. We have been working over the summer to organize and plan a school year that will provide ICE students with new opportunities and new programs, and we are excited to start the school year and get things rolling. 
For all of ICE: At the end of last school year ICE staff proposed to extend the school day on Mondays in order to provide more academic guidance to our students. The added advisory period on Monday 7th period will be used to set specific goals with each child and start the week off with added purpose and direction. We will continue to have the same advisory periods during the week, but we will now have added flexibility to use those periods for enrichment and programming. The school days will now end at 3 pm on all days except for Friday which will end at 2:09 as in the past. 
Welcome!! This year we add two more teachers to our staff, and a brand new position to ICE: School Social Worker. Please welcome Annie Scavelli and Juliana Garofolo to our teaching staff. Danya Bader-Natal was our social work intern last year, and after a great year at ICE we decided to bring her on full-time to work with our students. 
For all middle school families: This year marks the beginning of a new after school program at ICE which will bring new programs, added supervision, and more opportunities for your children to engage in learning, play and other enrichment during the after school hours. ICE has partnered with University Settlement, an organization well-versed in the operation of quality after school programming and other support services for children and families. In a letter to follow I will send out the complete list of programs and a schedule for you to choose from. To get started, we are sending you an enrollment form so that you can sign your children up for this great, FREE program. All of our previous programs, including tutoring, etc are now incorporated into this new initiative so it is imperative that all middle school students are enrolled. Please complete the form as soon as possible (click to download ENGLISH DYCD Common Enrollment COMPASS OR SPANISH DYCD Common Enrollment COMPASS. We will serve the ICE kids from the end of school until 6 o'clock every day starting on Monday, September 15th. After-school supervision and programs will be available for those who need supervision on September 8th.
For current and future 9th grade students: ICE has decided to partner with a wonderful organization dedicated to supporting students through travel and reflective experiences designed to help students push themselves beyond their perceived limits. No Barriers organizes international service learning trips for all kinds of students, and we are partnering with them in order to bring annual team-building overnight trips and future travel experiences for the kids when they reach the 11th grade. This year the 9th graders will be engaging in this program which will feature a 2 day overnight trip in the fall, and some team building activities throughout the year. The program coordinator for ICE will be our own Joey Zannino who will be the team leader, and supervise these activities. Our partnership will very likely include the same programming for all of our current 6th, 7th and 8th grade students when they reach the 9th grade.
As always, I am excited to start the school year and welcome back all of the wonderful kids who make up the ICE community. In coming weeks we will have opportunity to meet and talk about school, and I look forward to hearing from you all as the school year moves forward.
Take Care for now
Peter Karp

Ways to Support I.C.E.


Watch our tree fill in.

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Pledge $600 per child, or as much as you can afford.  That's $50 per month over 12 months.  Sign up here,

For $50 per month, our school will continue to have small classes, dedicated educators, award-winning debate and band, and stellar sports teams.

If our school needs 6 more computers to enable every child can have access to the research he or she needs in order to excel, your dollars help make that happen.  If not all students can afford one of the enriching trips, your dollars ensure all can attend. 

Aren't you proud to be someone who gives the gift of superior education?

Check your employer's matching gift program to help us raise needed funds for our school

Find out if your employer matches employee donations to eligible nonprofits like the ICE Foundation. By talking with HR and completing a matching gift request, you could double your donation — a great way to make your dollars go even further for I.C.E.!

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Broach at Watch our tree come to life! As each family of ICE gives to the ICE PTA Foundation, leaves will be added to this tree.

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