Important I.C.E. News


ALL STUDENTS should go to the basement auditorium at 8:10 am on Thursday.  

The teachers will introduce themselves and the topic for Opening Project.  

Returning Students will be dismissed into their advisories from last year, where they will find out what their new class sections are.
Incoming 6th Graders will accompany a few teachers to the small gym on the 1st floor of the 16th Street side of the building after the assembly to get information about Opening Project and find out their class sections, teachers, and advisory rooms.

New Students to ICE will go to the Main Office, 5th Fl, Room 513A after the assembly to find out their new advisor.



For the first few days of ever school year, ICE starts things off in its own way, with all students collaborating in a school-wide Opening Project. This year, students will be exploring and comparing the past and present of various New York City neighborhoods, as part of a year-long, school-wide effort to widen our engagement with the "real world," enriching what students learn in our classrooms with what they can learn in the world outside our doors. 


In our exploration of the past and present of NYC, we will be focusing especially on the lives of young people in the areas of Education; Health, wellness, and recreation; Politics and Activism; and the Arts/Culture. To do so, we are looking to tap the resources of the extended I.C.E. community--students, faculty, families, and friends--as a vital source of historical and contemporary knowledge about the places they have lived and worked over the years. What was it like growing up in New York back in the day? How does it compare to children's lives today?


For the first two days of Opening Project (Thursday Sept. 4 and Friday Sept. 5), each mixed-grade group of students will be learning about a particular neighborhood and doing their own research at I.C.E., with the help of a teacher and the leadership of members of the senior class. During this time we hope to have at least one guest from the extended ICE community in each classroom who has lived in that neighborhood and can share first-hand memories, photographs, artifacts etc., to help their community's past come alive in the minds of the students. 


This research will be in preparation for a field trip on Monday, September 8 to the neighborhoods, when students will visit sites they and their teacher have chosen and talk to residents, elected officials, businesspeople, activists, artists, etc. Students will then document and respond to what they have learned about the evolution of their corner of the city in various creative ways.


To make this all happen, we would greatly appreciate any resources, contacts, suggestions, and/or time you can contribute to making this year's Opening Project as engaging, fun, and authentic a learning experience as possible for all our students. Please complete this short Google survey telling us how you might be able to help.


If you have any questions or would like to put us in touch directly with any contacts, our emails are Josh Torpey at and Dave Dash at Thank you so much!

Josh and the Opening Project committee



The school supply lists for grades 6 - 10 is now available, click on the “School Supply List” tab (grades 11th & 12th will arrive soon stay tuned).



As many of you have noticed, Khan Academy changed the landscape of the site.  In order to find the topics that were are recommended for each grade level, please follow these steps:

1.  Sign in

2. Click on "subjects" and choose "math" from the dropdown menu.  Then you can find your appropriate grade level (feel free to also look in grade levels above and below) and if you are entering HS, you can click on geometry, Algebra 1, algebra 2 or trigonometry to find your math topics.

3.  Once you choose a grade level or HS math strand (it may ask you to answer some questions first), you can click the button located in the upper right portion of the browser that says "view full list of geometry content", depending on what grade level or strand you are searching in.

4.  You can find many of the suggested topics this way.  Have fun with it, learn some new things, refresh your memory on some topics you have learned in the past, and get the math going again!



Teachers are asking for your elbow grease!  

Dates:  September 2nd from 1-4pm  AND Sept 3rd from 9-4pm

Where:  ICE 5th floor

This is a great day to acquaint yourself with our school for our new incoming 6th graders and for “older” students and families to serve the greater gleam of the ICE you know and love!  

Please bring with you as much of the following as you wish/can:  paper towels, a spray surface cleaner, windex and a broom (any supplies not used and your broom, would return home with you :)

Also:  if any parent can bring and work:  a circular saw!  Needed to cut down some shelving for Kristin’s new book shelf.

Additionally:  if any parent is good with drill & mason bits:  JD’s classroom needs a metal shelf hung onto cinderblock wall (4 screws would also be needed - please email for further info

And:  we have 8 heavy boxes of old text books that need to be donated to a worthy place.  Any parent/student team want to tackle that on 9/2 or 9/3?

Lastly:  thank you, ahead of time for all your efforts and time!

All the best,



Hello to All!

I am writing to introduce myself. My name is Alexzandria Tekelch and I am the Site Coordinator for the new Middle School After School Program at ICE. Please call me Ali! I was also ICE's Social Work intern last school year, and so I am already familiar with many of the students. I am honored to have been invited back for this new position and work with these wonderful students again!

ICE's vision for after-school is to support every child to reach their individual potential through a warm, supportive, safe environment where real learning occurs, to engage youth as active members of the after-school community, and to support every student in the development of individual skills, strong self-esteem, and healthy relationships with adult role models and peers. My experience with ICE's teacher has been nothing but wonderful and I know that our students are lucky to have such a dedicated bunch of individuals staying after school. There will be a well-balanced array of opportunities offered, including academic support, recreational activities, and athletic activities, as well as provide homework help and tutoring. We are in the midst of planning, but as soon as I have the after-school schedule and all activities offered I will be sure to share it.

We recognize the import role that parents play in the long-term success of their children, and so we look for every opportunity to keep parents connected to their child's activities and development. This is especially important during the middle school year when youth tend to pull away from their parents as they seek independence. We encourage parent involvement in a variety of ways, including parent orientation, monthly newsletters, and invitations to culminating activities that celebrate their children's successes. I am looking forward to meeting all of you.

Lastly, here are the updated versions of the after-school program enrollment forms in English OR Spanish, please complete as soon as possible.  


Alexzandria Tekelch, MSW
University Settlement
After School Site Coordinator @ ICE
345 East 15th Street
(929) 246-0498


Dear ICE Families,
As we move past the halfway mark of summer I'm reaching out to say hello, to wish you a restful two weeks before labor day, and fill you in on some important new programs starting here at ICE. We have been working over the summer to organize and plan a school year that will provide ICE students with new opportunities and new programs, and we are excited to start the school year and get things rolling. 
For all of ICE: At the end of last school year ICE staff proposed to extend the school day on Mondays in order to provide more academic guidance to our students. The added advisory period on Monday 7th period will be used to set specific goals with each child and start the week off with added purpose and direction. We will continue to have the same advisory periods during the week, but we will now have added flexibility to use those periods for enrichment and programming. The school days will now end at 3 pm on all days except for Friday which will end at 2:09 as in the past. 
Welcome!! This year we add two more teachers to our staff, and a brand new position to ICE: School Social Worker. Please welcome Annie Scavelli and Juliana Garofolo to our teaching staff. Danya Bader-Natal was our social work intern last year, and after a great year at ICE we decided to bring her on full-time to work with our students. 
For all middle school families: This year marks the beginning of a new after school program at ICE which will bring new programs, added supervision, and more opportunities for your children to engage in learning, play and other enrichment during the after school hours. ICE has partnered with University Settlement, an organization well-versed in the operation of quality after school programming and other support services for children and families. In a letter to follow I will send out the complete list of programs and a schedule for you to choose from. To get started, we are sending you an enrollment form so that you can sign your children up for this great, FREE program. All of our previous programs, including tutoring, etc are now incorporated into this new initiative so it is imperative that all middle school students are enrolled. Please complete the form as soon as possible (click to download ENGLISH DYCD Common Enrollment COMPASS OR SPANISH DYCD Common Enrollment COMPASS. We will serve the ICE kids from the end of school until 6 o'clock every day starting on Monday, September 15th. After-school supervision and programs will be available for those who need supervision on September 8th.
For current and future 9th grade students: ICE has decided to partner with a wonderful organization dedicated to supporting students through travel and reflective experiences designed to help students push themselves beyond their perceived limits. No Barriers organizes international service learning trips for all kinds of students, and we are partnering with them in order to bring annual team-building overnight trips and future travel experiences for the kids when they reach the 11th grade. This year the 9th graders will be engaging in this program which will feature a 2 day overnight trip in the fall, and some team building activities throughout the year. The program coordinator for ICE will be our own Joey Zannino who will be the team leader, and supervise these activities. Our partnership will very likely include the same programming for all of our current 6th, 7th and 8th grade students when they reach the 9th grade.
As always, I am excited to start the school year and welcome back all of the wonderful kids who make up the ICE community. In coming weeks we will have opportunity to meet and talk about school, and I look forward to hearing from you all as the school year moves forward.
Take Care for now
Peter Karp


Who: Both young men's and young women's high school players who have signed up (Do you still need to sign up?  Please do so here: ICE Varsity Soccer Sign-up)

Where: Bushwick Inlet Park in Williamsburg: Kent Avenue and North 9th:, -73.96202772270 (Center of Bushwick Inlet Park)

When: Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:00-11:00 am (Except August 29th, 3:30-5:30 PM) 

Experienced and new players are welcome! 

Please direct any questions to JD (



ICE is applying to host a Girls Who Code Club for the coming school year and is looking for interested students and possibly a parent/guardian instructor.


Interested instructors would need to have the equivalent of at least 3 college level courses in Computer Science, do a bit of training through GWC, and lead coding instruction for about 2 hours a week.  All curriculum materials are provided by GWC.  If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact JD at


Interested students should be young women who will be in 9-12th grades in the 2014-15 school year and who want to learn how to become masters of the technology that is around them.  If your child is interested, please have them complete this form: Girls Who Code Club Form


More information about Girls Who Code can be found here:


Dear I.C.E. Community,

It’s startling to look at the calendar and see ‘JUNE’!  It seems like only yesterday that we were writing to welcome you to the school year and invite you to join us and be an active member of the I.C.E.  PTA. 

Join us you did! Thank you for your generosity.  This has been a year of record financial support, participation in everything from panels to volunteerism and great turnouts at our monthly PTA meetings.

This year through your donations, I.C.E. is the proud owner of new computer carts, tables, chairs, science equipment and more.  Many of you helped assemble shelves, paint lockers, clean up and make the ICE facilities more functional for our kids. This year’s Spring Fling was not only well attended, but had an amazing crew of volunteers who worked together, in the spirit of I.C.E., to make the evening so special.

We know I.C.E. is a unique school.  Our children are fortunate to be under the tutelage of such dedicated faculty and to be under the leadership of  such committed administration.  The PTA is fortunate to have the backing of parents who rally round the school in so many ways.

It has been our pleasure to lead the I.C.E. PTA this year.  Our best wishes for a safe and pleasant summer.  We’ll see you in September.




Kelly and Margaret


Message from Pete

Dear ICE Families,

At this point I’m sure you have all received and examined your child’s narrative reports from cycle one. These reports should give you an idea of their accomplishments in each class, as well as ways to improve. I hope that you reach out to teachers to help them know more about your children and to collaborate in supporting their academic development.

This year we are entering the holiday season with a number of significant accomplishments behind us, and a great deal of opportunity ahead of us. This fall ICE students achieved a number of firsts: the ICE Varsity MS Flag Football players are champions of New York City after a great season under the new guidance of Coach Justin White. The ICE HS girls soccer team won 2
nd place in the league after a great season with JD – and a tough loss in the playoffs. We have earned first place in several MS debate tournaments and we have 23 students competing for entry in the prestigious New York Science and Engineering Fair. Our staff deserves our praise for the work they do guiding the kids through these challenges.


All Families Must Submit a Free and Reduced Lunch Application Regardless of Need

Federal regulations require that schools have all families submit Free and Reduced Lunch Applications whether or not they qualify for any reduction of lunch costs, and whether or not the student eats lunch outside of the building cafeteria. Learn how you can do it online. Read more...

Ways to Support I.C.E.

Check your employer's matching gift program to help us raise needed funds for our school
Find out if your employer matches employee donations to eligible nonprofits like the ICE Foundation. By talking with HR and completing a matching gift request, you could double your donation - a great way to make your dollars go even further for I.C.E.! If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Broach at

Funky key chains make great gifts!
Buy one or more for the special kids and adults in your life. They come in a range of great colors with different words printed on them. Pick up yours at the PTA meeting on Wed, Dec. 11 at 6pm or from PTA treasurer Sarah in Mark's office every Friday from 8-10am. Key chains are approx. 2" by 0.75" and made in the USA. $15 each.

Use the link below every time you shop at Amazon - and I.C.E. will get 4-8% of your purchases in cash!
This is an easy way to ensure extra dollars for I.C.E.'s amazing programs, extracurriculars and trips. To ensure all your purchases benefit I.C.E., be sure your Amazon shopping cart is empty before using the link below.

Welcome Home!

Upcoming Events

Mon, Sep 1 - Fri, Oct 31
Family Contribution Campaign
Tuesday, September 2
ICE Work Day
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday, September 3
ICE Work Day
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Thursday, September 4
First Day of School
Tuesday, September 9
After School - Parent Orientation
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Monday, September 15
ICE After School Program begins
3:00 PM
Wednesday, September 17
PTA - Welcome New ICE Families
5:30 PM - 6:00 PM
2nd Fl Cafeteria
PTA Meeting
6:00 PM
2nd Fl Cafeteria


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